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Song Commissions

Music has always been a gift in my life.  My favorite songs are treasures to my soul.

Do you have a special occasion or a special someone you want me to write a song for?

Songwriting Workshops

Sharing the writing craft and watching songs grow is one of my favorite things, in life, to do! Plus, I love to offer tips on how to write more songs, more frequently, with depth, fluidity and ease!

I am currently offering workshops for late-elementary, teens, and adults:

3-hr weekend workshops in your community space, 8-week sessions of 90 mins on zoom, 8-week sessions, and week-long Summer Songwriting Camps. 

Private Lessons

I have 20 years experience teaching beginning and intermediate piano skills in classical, jazz, and pop/folk idioms.  I LOVE pulling back the curtain on music theory. And, I am passionate about encouraging and teaching skills for creative expression through original music composition, improvisation, and songwriting

Piano, Songwriting, Music Theory

NOTE: I have a limited number of time slots.  Offerings are 4-week, 8-week, and 12-week lesson packages.  Piano lessons are held in-studio, only. 

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